Quad Universe was born in 2015 from the crazy idea of ​​Fran Gonzalez, a French and Spanish guide, trilingual, experienced and passionate about mountains and motors.

In love with the area and its possibilities, we wanted to create a fun, a different and unforgettable activities that show a completely unknown side of Oropesa del Mar and its surroundings: its forests, mountains and local culture.

We have traveled over 80,000km on quads and guide customers from over 30 countries each year.

Turesport Oropesa del Mar (06/2023)

A Pùnt Terra viva (16/12/2021)

A Pùnt Directe (21/07/2020)

Periódico Mediterráneo (20/05/2019)

It's our DNA : Always pioneers 🤠🌵

In Quad Universe, our identity is defined by two fundamental principles: leadership in our sector and a deep commitment to sustainability and equity.

Since our foundation, we have integrated environmentally friendly practices into all our activities, obtaining notable certifications such as SICTED and the "S" for Sustainability. In fact, we are the first Active Tourism company in the province of Castellón to achieve this distinction.

We not only confine ourselves to the environmental sphere; we also strive to be engines of economic stability at the local level. We acknowledge the importance of being a positive force in the communities where we operate, supporting regional economic prosperity.

Additionally, we are dedicated to eliminating the outdated perception that links motor-related activities exclusively to men. We endeavor to challenge stereotypes and foster an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of gender, feels welcomed and respected in the realm of motor-related activities.

Throughout the years, we have received recognition for our sustainable business practices, underscoring that at Quad Universe, sustainability and equity are not mere objectives but fundamental principles guiding our day-to-day operations.

🧭 4 commitments for a positive footprint 🧭

Commitment #1


Since the inception of Quad Universe, we have aimed our work at a wide audience. Our tours are suitable for beginners, families, women, men, young and old. We receive thousands of visitors every year from all profiles and are very happy about it.

At Quad Universe, we don't like labels. Some say that anything to do with engines is only for young men.. Hay quien dice que solo es para jóvenes hombres todo lo que está relacionado con motores.

We do not share this vision and believe that motor activities are suitable for everyone.

Commitment #2


We are nature lovers and want to share this with our visitors. Each quad bike tour is an ideal moment to talk about the impact of human activity on the environment and local wildlife.

  • Through our 1+1 program, we offset our remaining CO2 emissions twice, each year.
  • Organizamos períodicamente con las autoridades locales campañas de limpieza del bosque. Luchando contra la #basuraleza
  • During the routes, we take time during the breaks to talk about these issues.
  • We ride in permitted areas, in small groups, in order not to cause nuisance and wear the environment. We think in the long term.
  • We use a fleet of latest generation quads (MXU 300 injection 2022), which in itself generates 60% less Co2 (than the previous ones) and have a differential.
  • We steer clear of disposable water bottles, and all waste from the store undergoes separation and recycling processes.

Commitment #3


We believe ATVs are the perfect tool for reaching inaccessible areas. Soon you will have the opportunity to reach a breathtaking view into Castellón's deepest and most authentic nature and share with you the (extensive) history of its people and their traditions.

Discover the region and countryside in a fun way with a variety of nearby activities, far from mass tourism.

Commitment #4


We are convinced that ATVs (all terrain vehicles) have a place in our mountains, as is the case in most countries of the world.

To achieve this, we work on the development of this leisure activity with the local tourism authorities. We are committed to touring tours, relaxed, in a controlled environment

In short, there is a place for everyone in our forests.



Every time you take a quad tour with us, you are participating in a reforestation project in Santervas de la Vega (Palencia, Spain).

Each year we will calculate the CO2 emissions from our tours and plant twice as many trees as we need.

One of you and one of us.

Vacaciones :)

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