Rental conditions

  1. The first thing that the participant must be clear about is that in case of an accident and the reason for is the transgression of the rules and instructions detailed below, the organising company will not be held responsible for any damage that the participant may have caused, whether to private property, to third parties or to him/herself.
  2. The company reserves the right to claim against the participant for any misuse of the company vehicles and any possible damage caused to them. The driver is responsible for the vehicle and its accessories and will assume responsibility for any damages caused during the tours in the unlikely case that they occur.
  3. The client participates in this activity of his own free will and choice.
  4. The organising company has the necessary insurance to be able to carry out this activity, for civil liability, traffic, etc. These insurances will only be taken out if the instructions in this manual are followed.
  5. The guide's instructions must be followed to the letter at all time.
  6. Failure to respect the above rule may result in the immediate termination of the activity, without necessarily entailing the refund of the amount paid to any of the members of the excursion concerned.
  7. Before starting the excursion, the guide will give an extensive explanation of the quad's controls and how to use them. The excursion will not start until all participants are clear about these concepts.
  8. In order to carry out this activity, it is necessary to have a great respect for the natural environment and for the tracks on which we ride. This means that we will ride along the indicated roads, without going up on the edges of them or causing unnecessary damage. We will also find gravel paths, on which driving becomes more complicated, which is why the guide will tell us to moderate our speed and to take special care when driving.
  9. The participant must be aware that he/she is not taking part in a competition, but that this is a touring excursion. This means that we will start the tour on easy routes that allow the user to get to know and adapt to the quad. Depending on the evolution of the participants, the guide will lead the excursion to a route along the most suitable tracks for their level, as well as indicating some stops to enjoy the wonderful surroundings and/or to rest.
  10. Any kind of waste that may be generated at any pause along the route, including paper, wrappers of any kind, water bottles, and even cigarette butts from smokers, cannot be thrown on the ground, we are in the forest and we are obliged to respect it as much as possible, therefore they must return with us.
  11. In order to take part in this activity, participants must have paid in advance for the excursion and must have their B1 driving licence with them for the duration of the excursion.
  12. The participant will at all times take care of the material provided by the organisation to carry out the activity. In the event of intentional damage, the offender will be responsible for the damage.
  13. The guide will establish an order of circulation according to the level of familiarity of the participants with the quad. This order will serve to make the group move more smoothly and to allow the group to move at the pace of the participant who is having the most problems adapting to the quad. This order is completely unalterable. Overtaking is also forbidden, as this could pose a risk to the rest of the participants. Reckless driving, such as skidding, is strictly forbidden. If the guides observe violent driving on the part of any of the group members, it is at their discretion to suspend the route without refund of the amount paid.
  14. It is also important to maintain the safety distance indicated by the guide to avoid accidents and/or unnecessary collisions
  15. This activity is considered an adventure sport and, as such, always involves a minimum of risk, given that each participant drives an individual vehicle and its operation depends only on him/herself, each driver is obliged to drive as carefully as possible.
  16. It is strictly forbidden to drive our quads under the influence of alcohol and/or any type of narcotic or psychotropic substance. People undergoing treatment with medication that may affect their driving ability must inform the monitors in charge of the organisation before the start.
  17. It is strictly forbidden to overtake, overtake in parallel, leave excessive distance to accelerate sharply, not respecting the safety distances, skidding, and any other behaviour that could lead to reckless driving. Dirt roads are also public roads. Drivers should keep their hands on the steering wheel/handlebars and feet on the footrests at all times. Pay particular attention to any possible absent-mindedness in observing the scenery while driving, as this can lead to an accident with very serious consequences. The company reserves the right, at the discretion of the monitors, to suspend the route if the rules are not respected.


Since 2015 we have been offering you different quality activities. We have selected adapted ATVs and great circuits so that you can enjoy unforgettable moments in complete safety.

  •   We are only dedicated to ATVs, we are experts in it.
  •   Tours for all levels, beginners and families
  •   Last generation 300cc ATV quads
  •   Street legal quads for two people
  •   Only small groups of up to 5 quads
  •   Tours from 1 hour to 3 hours
  •   We compensate our CO2 emissions

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