Ruta guiada "El cuartico" (3h)

Open every day until 17 September, by reservation via WhatsApp or Web!
All year round every weekend by reservation!
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Driving licence required, accompanying persons must be at least 7 years old.

Cross country tour

≈ 3 horas / 60KM

80% offroad

Full Car driving License (B) required

Experience in quad biking required

140€ per quad


Nuestra ruta guiada en quad «El cuartico» es un circuito off-road para segundas experiencias. Es nuestra mejor ruta en ATV/QUAD. Por su ritmo y su largo, is not a tour for beginners. Aún así si eres aventurero contáctanos y te asesoramos.

"El Cuartico" is a mixed circuit of more than 60 km, allowing you to discover the most unique landscapes of the area between Oropesa del Mar, Cabanes, Torreblanca and Benlloch.

It is an itinerary made up of 80% of dirt road with many mountain areas, forest, rocks, views of the sea, the Desierto de las Palmas, the Peñagolosa and even the Columbretes Islands.

The activity begins with a training session from our experienced professional guide, Fran. Once this is done, head to the 'Ribera de Cabanes', where we cross a bull farm lost in the middle of the mountain.

Follow long forest trails through rolling hills to a solar power plant. We will make a pause at "El Cuartico" where you can discover a unique mountain hermitage full of history.

This circuit has the peculiarity of passing through areas where many species of animals live: wild rabbits, eagles, foxes, ocellated lizards, partridges, hoopoes, etc.

This is the most recommended tour and experience if you like cross country style, a very complete tour.



ATV / quad automático de dos plazas, de 300cc, 21CV. Ideal para principiantes, familias. Es un quad potente, ligero y super fácil de llevar,  el rey indiscutible de su categoría.

Requires car license, minimum age for accompanying persons is 7 years old.

Price per quad: 140€.

Quads for two people. Accompanying person free
VAT included

🍃 Compensación co2 incluida mediante nuestro programa 1+1



Gasoline for the entire quad tour, helmets, liability insurance, compulsory insurance for each vehicle, experienced guide and carbon offset 1+1 project.

  • Guiding services without quad (you come with your quad and you want to do a tour with us): 60€ per quad that accompanies us
  • Companion with the guide (Example: we are 3 people and we only want to rent a quad. 1 person goes with the guide. Limited to 1 person per route): 60€
  • Driver insurance (injury) so you can drive and enjoy with more peace of mind: 3€ per driver
  • The driver must have a valid (full) car licence (B) to be able to drive a quad bike. It must be carried at all times during the excursion. Valid licences are those issued in accordance with Spanish legislation in force, those issued by the Member States of the European Union and those issued internationally by third countries that are recognised in Spain. For other countries you MUST bring and international Driver Licence.
    IMPORTANT. Temporary documents are not valid, nor are photocopies or photos of documents on a mobile phone.
  • If there is an accompanying person, he/she must be at least 7 years old and must be accompanied by his/her parents or authorised persons.
  • The use of helmets is compulsory. Helmets are provided.
  • We recommend that you cover up as much as possible. In other words, cotton trousers, T-shirts with long sleeves.
  • Only sports shoes are accepted. Beach shoes and variants are strictly forbidden.
  • In the summer season we ask you to bring sun cream, sunglasses and water.
  • Activity not suitable for pregnant women and people with back problems or other health problems incompatible with the practice of sport tourism activities.
  • We only offer guided, respectful, tourist routes. Sporty and reckless behaviours are not allowed (skidding, sporty driving style, draxter style starting etc.) as they can be dangerous, damage the roads where we circulate and disturb the users / neighbours who share the environment with us.
  • It is strictly forbidden to throw any waste in the nature (tobacco, water bottles, plastics, papers, etc.). We are happy to collect them and throw them in the trash bin at the end of the tours.

Access the full list of rules


Since 2015 we have been offering you different quality activities. We have selected adapted ATVs and great circuits so that you can enjoy unforgettable moments in complete safety.

  •   We are only dedicated to ATVs, we are experts in it.
  •   Tours for all levels, beginners and families
  •   Last generation 300cc ATV quads
  •   Street legal quads for two people
  •   Only small groups of up to 5 quads
  •   Tours from 1 hour to 3 hours
  •   We compensate our CO2 emissions



Cada vez que realizas una ruta en quad con nosotros, participas en un proyecto de reforestación. Gracias a vosotros se han plantado 10 arboles en Santervás de la Vega (Palencia, España) y 38 arboles en Pankshin (Nigeria)

Each year we will calculate the CO2 emissions from our tours and plant twice as many trees as we need.

One of you and one of us.


We will send you a confirmation email or call within 24 hours to confirm availability and organize the tour with you.


Your ATV tour

Out of season, only on weekends

How many quads do you need?

Remember you need a full car licence to drive, accompanying persons must be at least 7 years old.
We ride with a maximum of 5 quads

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