1+1 Project


Every time you ride an ATV with us, you collaborate in a reforestation project in Santervás de la Vega (Palencia, Spain)

Every year we calculate the CO2 emissions generated by our tours and we plant twice as many trees as necessary to compensate it.

One from you + one from us.

Our commitment to the environment

Quad Universe was born from the hand of a nature and motorsports lover. We think that motor activities can be enjoyed in nature with respect for the environment and we have always looked for ways to be respectful and grateful.

We bring an experience totally compatible with the tranquility and cleanliness of the place, carrying out awareness-raising actions on the state of the forests, cleaning and conservation and since 2021 with the 1+1 Project.

We constantly renew the material to exceed all pollution and noise regulations

We go out with a maximum of 5 quads. We avoid massification and wearing on the terrain

We only drive through permitted areas, away from protected areas and always at a pace that respects the environment

Santervás de la Vega (Palencia )

69,094 trees planted on 100 hectares

The project

Near the natural park Montaña Palentina where bears and wolves are common, we are collaborating in a reforestation project. The objective is to rebuild an ecosystem devastated by the fires of 2005 and 2016. Several local and mixed species will be introduced to provide a stable ecosystem rich in biodiversity. It is a project in collaboration with Sylva Nova.

State of the forest after the fires

Between 2005 and 2016, large fires affected the province of Palencia in northern Spain. Located around the cities, the pine forest burned very quickly. Unfortunately, the measures proposed by the local authorities to restore them are quite weak.

In general, the forests and woodlands belong to small local municipalities that are helpless in the face of this disaster.

Reforestation of these areas is essential to revitalize local biodiversity.

The forest is also a source of employment in this region with few job opportunities.

Finally, the region is very popular with tourists and this project will help restore the landscape and revive the local economy.

The introduction of adapted species such as chestnut, oak, alder, black pine and maritime pine will help recreate dynamic forest ecosystems. In addition, forest fruit tree species are being planted.

Project benefits



Tons of C02 stored by the created forest



Shelters created for animals



Months of generated oxygen



working hours for local companies and associations

Our participation in the project

Plant twice as many trees as necessary to compensate our activity

To measure our impact and compensate for it, we have calculated the carbon emissions generated by our tours in a year: 150g/km of C02 on average per quad. With this number in mind we can calculate after one season the total emissions.


We have planted 10 trees for the year 2020
nd we expect to plant 30 more in 2021.


We have decided to go much further. We are not going to compensate our C02 emissions but we commit ourselves to plant twice as many trees as we need to cover the emissions of our activity. This means one tree from you and one tree from us.

Unlike big companies that propose to make this gesture optionally by charging you a tax, we do it without asking you anything in return, just ask you to try to be a little bit more respectful of your environment every day 🙂

Participation certificate