"Mirador y Monte" ATV tour

Limited availability. Circuit oriented to second experiences

2 H 30

40 km

60% off-road

Better with first experience

From 120€

Description of activity

The “Mirador y Monte” tour is suitable for all levels, including beginners and families. It is a mixed circuit (60% offroad) of 45 km that will bring you to the best natural spots in Oropesa del Mar, Cabanes and Benicassim. In 2.5 hours we will show you all the types of landscapes and terrains we have in the area! Among the best we have 😉

After a training by a professional guide who will teach you how to ride an ATV / Quad, we start our circuit through the 2 beaches of Oropesa del Mar  (Morro de Gos and Concha). We then head to the marina where a stretch of mountain route begins. Arrived at the top, we arrive to “el Mirador”.

In this place you can enjoy unique views of the entire Levantine coast, from Peñiscola to Grao de Castellón. 

As a bonus, first-class views over the Columbretes Islands.

The second part of the guided quad tour takes us to the area of “la Renega / El Balcó”, next to the Karting de Oropesa. A beautiful and fun Mediterranean forest where you can drive your ATV through the forest and have a great time. The perfect place to enjoy your offroad experience.

The second part is in the mountains, in the Sierra de Orpesa (400m). 100% off-road part with many slopes, forest areas, rocks, sand, views of the sea, views of the natural park of the “desert of palms“, Penyagolosa and even the columbretes, between Oropesa, Cabanes and Benicasim.

You will enjoy the best views of the region. Between mountains, sky and sea. Really impressive. This is our recommended tour for adventurers and the most awarded on TripAdvisor.


KYMCO MXU 300 and 250cc

Two-seater automatic ATV / quad, 300cc, 21CV. Perfect for beginners, families.

Kymco MXU 300 is a powerful quad, light and super easy to ride, the undisputed king of its category.

Quad subject to availability. We also have a fleet of Kymco MXU 250. Requires car license, minimum age for accompanying persons is 7 years old.

Price per quad: 120€

Quads for 2 persons. Free passenger
VAT included


Two-seater automatic ATV / quad, 400cc, 34CV. Perfect for repeating pilots.

CFMOTO CFORCE 450s is a powerful quad, with independent suspensions, 4-wheel drive (4×4) and backrest. An ideal vehicle to enjoy in a big way. ATV only for riders over 25 years old. Quad subject to availability. Requires car license, minimum age for accompanying persons is 7 years old.

Price per quad: 140€

Quads for 2 persons. Free passenger
VAT included


We propose two types of machines: one for beginners and families and the other one for mor experimented riders.

The Kymco Mxu 300/250 stands out for its excellent handling and low weight. It is the perfect machine for beginners and families. It has more than enough power for two adults to ride comfortably as it has the most powerful and reactive engine in its category, a safe bet for your quad tour!

The CF MOTO CFORCE 450S 4×4 is the latest generation ATV with a powerful 400cc engine with electronic injection (34 hp), wider seat and high performance independent suspensions.

It is the ideal quad for rocky terrain and for all those who want enjoy an unforgettable tour with one of the best machines on the market.

The CFORCE 450S, a heavier and more powerful quad than the KYMCO MXU, it requires some strength in the arms to handle it.

To rent a CF Moto 450S we recommend some previous ATV experience. If this is your first time please contact us!

Quad for people over 25 years old. A deposit of 150€ may be required if necessary. Quad subject to availability.

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Gasoline for the entire quad excursion, helmets, liability insurance, compulsory insurance for each vehicle, experienced guide and carbon compensation 1+1 project.

Other Services & Options

    • Guide services (you bring your quad and you want to do a tour with us): 30€
    • Passenger with the guide (Example: we are 3 people and we want only one quad. Limited to 1 person per tour): 30€
    • Driver insurance (injury) so you can ride and enjoy with more peace of mind : 3€ per driver


  • The driver must have a valid car license (B) to be able to drive a quad. It must be carried at all times during the excursion. Those issued in accordance with Spanish legislation in force, those issued by the Member States of the European Union and those issued internationally by third countries that are recognized in Spain. IMPORTANT. Temporary documents are not valid, neither are photocopies and photos of the documents in the cell phone. 
  • In case there is an accompanying person, this must be at least 7 years old and get on with their parents or authorized persons.
  • By law and above all safety, the use of helmets is mandatory. We provide helmets.
  • We recommend to go as covered as possible. I.e. cotton pants, t-shirts with long sleeves.
  • We recommend that you wear long sleeves.
  • Only sports shoes are accepted. Beach shoes and variants are totally forbidden.
  • It is requested in summer season to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and water
  • Activity not suitable for pregnant women and people with back problems or other health problems incompatible with the practice of active tourism activities.
  • We perform exclusively tourist guided tours, respectful. Reckless behaviors are not allowed (drift,skidding, sporty driving style, draxter style start etc.) as they can be dangerous, damage the roads where we circulate and disturb users / neighbors who share the environment with us.
  • It is totally forbidden to throw any waste in nature (tobacco, water bottles, plastics, papers, etc.) We collect them to throw them in the trash at the end of the routes.
  • Access the complete list of regulations

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Remember you need a car license to drive, minimum 7 years old passengers. Remember We go out with a maximum of 5 quads

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We are open by reservation all year round!



Every time you take a quad tour with us, you participate in a reforestation project in Santervás de la Vega (Palencia, Spain).

Every year we calculate the CO2 emissions generated by our routes and plant twice as many trees as necessary to compensate.

One from you and one from us.

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